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Here, your worth isn’t based
on your net worth. 

Far too many financial advisors are transactional.

When they look at their clients, they see dollar signs. Sure, they see opportunities to help their clients make sound financial choices and plan for the future. But they also see opportunities to make money. It’s just the nature of the business.  

So, many advisors tend to focus more on clients who have the most money. In fact, some advisors require clients to have a certain amount of money before they’ll work with them. 

At Cross Timbers, we’re different. Very different. When we look at our clients, we don’t see dollar amounts. We see people who need help building and managing their assets. We see people who need help with debt reduction, retirement saving and tax issues. So that’s what we do: we help them. What we don’t do, however, is turn anyone away. Ever. Because our mission isn’t to judge or criticize. Our mission is to help. 

Here, you’re also considered a friend.

Again, we’re different at Cross Timbers in that we consider our clients friends. Here, you’ll never be a number or an account. You’ll never have to tell us your name when you come in. We’ll know you — your goals, dreams, fears and concerns. We’ll know what matters to you and your family. 

We take the time to truly build a relationship — and a friendship — with each and every one of our clients. We strive provide the level of help, support, guidance and care that we want to provide and that you deserve.

Rick Wedell

Chief Investment Officer

Rick Wedell joined RFG Advisory as Partner and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) in 2016. As CIO and leader of RFG's Investment Team, Rick manages multi-asset portfolios and provides strategic insights on asset allocation and portfolio...

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Mary Beth Schultejans

Client Services Associate

(314) 627-2227

MaryBeth has joined us as a Senior Client Services Specialist and will be assisting with all client communications, service requests and account processing. Expect to see emails or get phone calls from her.

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